Meet The Designers

Talented Staff of Design Experts

Our team of sales designers at Somrak Kitchens are equipped with the tools, knowledge and talent to turn your dreams into reality. With well over a century of combined experience, our award-winning team takes pride in its ability to develop innovative ideas and to create unique custom kitchens. The team at Somrak Kitchens stands out from the competition by keeping informed about the latest trends in kitchen design using only top-quality products.

The sales designers at Somrak Kitchens all have accredited degrees in their field and are then also trained by the National Kitchen & Bath Association. To ensure professional ethics and performance, our designers comply with the laws, customs and procedures set forth by the Board of Governors of Societies of Certified Kitchen Designers as specified in the Society of CKD Code of Professional Conduct.

  • Bob Somrak Sr.
    Bob Somrak Sr. CEO

  • Linda Hilbig
    Linda Hilbig President

  • Bob Somrak Jr., CKD
    Bob Somrak Jr., CKD VP of Operations

  • Nikki Trivisonno, CKD
    Nikki Trivisonno, CKD Sales Designer

  • Darlene Somrak, CKD
    Darlene Somrak, CKD Sales Designer

In order to maintain the dignity of our profession, assure public cofidence in our industry, and render proper service to individuals and the public, it is the duty of each member of the Societies to observe this Code Of Professional Conduct. The CKD-Certified Kitchen Designer will:

  • Observe the highest standards of personal and professional conduct when dealing with clients.
  • Pledge full support in upholding forthright business practices and maintaining a firm opposition to all unethical business practices.
  • Clearly determine and define the entire project, services and terms ofagreement in writing.
  • Continually strive for knowledge of applicable laws, building codes, statutes and ordinances, permit procedures and such rules and practices as required by; communities, states/provinces, in which he operates and agrees to be bound by their laws and all other regulations controlling the industry.
  • Strive to attain increased knowledge and skill through continued education in kitchen or bathroom design, construction and business management.
  • Compete with others on an honorable and fair basis; not misrepresent services rendered by themselves or others; nor criticize the works of others, except on the basis of well-founded knowledge and fact.
  • Show evidence or proof of ability to interpret architectural instructions form plans, drawings and specifications made under accepted architectural practices, as standardized by recognized professional groups.
  • Adhere to a strict observance of all laws relative to the conduct of business, and shall not engage in any exploitation of clients, the Association, industry or profession, nor shall the member mislead the public through false advertising.
  • Cooperate in every reasonable way with competitors and the Societies for the betterment of the industry.
  • Strictly adhere to the rules, laws, procedures and customs as set forth by the Board of Governors of Societies.