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Kitchens continue to be the most common renovation for homeowners, and the average investment in a major remodel continues to grow. While individual needs and preferences will dictate many details of a kitchen remodel, trends today show that most homeowners are willing to make a significant investment in countertops and backsplashes.

A review of recent kitchen remodels shows that homeowners are not only very likely to replace countertops and backsplashes as part of their renovations, most are willing to splurge on these items to get the look and function they want.

Countertops are key

For color, function, and feel, countertops play a significant role in a kitchen renovation and many homeowners are reporting spending more to get what they want. Engineered quartz is by far the most popular choice for upgraded countertops, with nearly half of all homeowners opting for this nonporous, easy-to-clean material. Granite has maintained its popularity as the choice of about one quarter of homeowners.

White and very light colors are leading the way, even for those choosing a laminate or solid surface countertop in their remodel, but trends show homeowners opting for contrast with an island countertop both in color and texture. Butcher block provides the ultimate functional kitchen workspace that brings in a warm, natural feel with a pop of color. Top choices for these beautiful and convenient countertops are rich walnut and mahogany.

Extending the backsplash

A standard backsplash typically covers four inches above the countertop and in some kitchens may protect primarily the area behind the sink and stove, where water and grease can splatter and stain the wall. Homeowners today, however, are trending toward full backsplashes, covering the entire area above the countertop and extending all the way to the cabinets, with a small percentage even going up to the ceiling.

A vast majority of kitchen remodels will include a backsplash upgrade, and more than half of homeowners will choose ceramic or porcelain tile, although marble is beginning to grow in popularity. Whichever is chosen, many homeowners are using the backsplash to add creative designs and colors to their kitchen remodel.

Focus on flooring

Hardwood flooring, either stained or unstained, continues to be the most popular choice for today’s kitchen remodels, but luxury vinyl tile flooring has begun to make a comeback, bypassing ceramic and porcelain tile as the second most popular choice. For its water and stain resistant properties, this high-end vinyl is ideal for the kitchen, and today’s options are a large step above vinyl flooring of the past. Luxury vinyl tile is available in squares and planks that resemble hardwood boards and ceramic tile and can be installed in creative designs that add interest to your kitchen.

Your kitchen remodel should reflect your style and fit the needs of your family on a daily basis. Consult a Somrak design expert today to plan a kitchen renovation that matches your vision for the next year.

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