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As homeowners continue to bring uniquely personal touches to their kitchens this year, color is finding its way back to the top of the list of priorities. Families have spent significant time within the confines of the kitchen during the last 14 months, and color has become a key in setting positive mood, warmth, and a sense of wellbeing.

While whites, creams, and grays continue to be popular for cabinets, many are opting for a bold or bright pop of color on a featured section of cabinets, such as just uppers, just lowers, or a center island. Nature continues to have a big influence on the choices homeowner are making for colors and finishes. Wood grains and earth tones as well as shades of green, yellow, and orange are appearing in many designs as bringing the outdoors inside becomes a big priority.

Bright, clean, and fresh are still a big focus in kitchen design. Many remodels are maintaining light, neutral cabinetry and flooring and bringing a favored color in with bright hued appliances. Gourmet ranges and modern refrigerators in bold colors are popular choices for current kitchen remodels.

Color coordination also is appearing in tile backsplashes and marbled countertops. The sink can even be a source of color, with standard and farmhouse sinks now available in black, blue, copper, and dark gray.

Even as more homeowners are beginning to venture out again, the desire to establish a personal and peaceful feel in the main gathering space in the home is key in current design plans. Recent statistics show the vast majority of homeowners remodeling their kitchens are focused on personal choices and colors rather than trends that boost resale value. A customized kitchen that reflects the personality and needs of the homeowner is the primary goal in most of these redesigns.

If you are looking for help designing a kitchen the reflects your personality with cabinets and appliances that pop with color and beauty as well as functionality, the experts at Somrak Kitchens are available. Call today!



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