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Begin designing a new or renovated kitchen and priorities are always that it should be clean, functional, and comfortable. In 2021, these priorities take on a new importance, as families spend an increasing amount of time together in this room that has long served as the center of every home.

Kitchens have always been a place to gather for families and friends. With pandemic protocols keeping more people at home and emphasizing the need for healthy habits, a convenient kitchen with a bright, welcoming atmosphere in which to prepare and serve healthy meals has become a necessity.

Expansive layouts

New kitchen designs are trending toward larger spaces with large, expansive islands. Look for large, unobstructed workspaces, free of appliances and plumbing fixtures, that allow family members to work together on specific tasks for family meal prep.

Focus on cleanliness

If the pandemic has emphasized anything, it’s the need to be able to keep things clean. In the kitchen, that means fixtures and gadgets that make it easy to take care of business with maximum care for sanitizing hands, utensils and surfaces. Quartz countertops are a top choice in 2021 because they are easy to maintain and keep clean. They also provide a clean, contemporary and upscale look in many light colors that enhance the clean lines of today’s kitchens.

Trends also are for voice and hands-free features on many kitchen appliances and gadgets, especially faucets.

Light and bright with a burst of warmth

White continues to be a top choice for kitchen cabinets and countertops, with light colors joining to create a bright and airy feel. Cabinetry with minimal or no hardware and clean simple lines is also high on the list to keep kitchens feeling open.

But that doesn’t mean no color. Many kitchen renovations and designs are bringing in a burst of warmth with natural materials, mixed textures, reclaimed wood, and unique tiled backsplashes.

The importance of cabinetry

More time in the kitchen can mean more tools and gadgets. Design trends are moving away from open shelving and back to wall-to-wall upper and lower cabinets to provide additional storage space. Look for unique styles in cabinet doors and designs that bring a touch of modern to traditional cabinet styles.

For the latest in cabinet designs, countertops, and modern appliances, contact the professional designers at Somrak Kitchens. Call today to begin planning your new or renovated kitchen.

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