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When it comes to purchasing many products today, targeting small businesses or buying locally can be the best decision you make. Sometimes, however, the benefits are greater when working with a larger manufacturer, especially if you want more choices or want to customize.

Cabinets for your home are among those products that demand a bit more research before you decide on a designer and contractor. While many small shops can provide well-made, quality cabinets, if you are seeking high-end custom cabinetry with the latest features and options, and a finish that will last decades, working with a national brand offers many advantages.

Shop built vs. factory built cabinets

Your cabinet maker is a critical hire when planning a major kitchen remodel or building a new home. Among key concerns are the quality of construction and finish of the cabinets as well as the reputation and stability of the factory that builds them. The materials and techniques used by your cabinet maker will make all the difference in the look and performance of your finished product.

So how does using a large manufacturer or national brand benefit the custom cabinet consumer?

  • Access to high quality materials – Research the practices of large, high-end cabinet makers and you will find they seek out and use the highest quality hardwood plywood, particleboard or MDF, inset panels, and veneers, while smaller shops may not have access to or the ability to budget for these higher quality materials, especially particleboard and MDF.
  • Moisture control – Larger facilities can support controlled environments that constantly monitor the moisture content of the wood they are using, allowing them to offer designs such as inset doors that require closer tolerances. Smaller shops typically do not offer these options because they cannot consistently monitor moisture content.
  • A durable finish that is resistant to staining – Your large factory cabinet maker uses a chemical baking process in a controlled environment that maintains proper levels of humidity and limits dust so that your cabinet finish is strong and stain resistant. Mechanical sanding in conjunction with hand sanding creates a smooth, consistent finish. Small shops typically must rely on air drying and hand sanding alone, creating a finish that is less consistent and more prone to staining.
  • Design choices and advanced features – Large manufacturers offer the very latest in colors, finishes, designs, and features for the modern kitchen remodel, with access to a national pool of skilled designers trained to create a plan that fits your unique kitchen needs. Small cabinet makers are limited by those local designers and craftsmen on their staff, some of whom may have less training and experience.
  • Guaranteed delivery – While large cabinet companies can frequently guarantee lead time when you order your cabinets, small shops may not be able to provide a set delivery date because they are relying a small crew to fill orders.
  • Protection of a warranty – Large manufacturers typically provide a lifetime limited warranty that protects your investment. A warranty from a small shop is typically only one year and may be good only as long as that shop remains in business.

At Somrak Kitchens, our skilled designers can show you quality cabinets from several high-end national cabinet manufacturers that offer all the above benefits, adhering to established standards in construction and finish that ensure every cabinet meets the quality specifications customers expect from them. Many of our national manufacturers also offer options for products made using recycled or renewable materials and processes.

Contact Somrak’s design team today to begin planning your kitchen remodel.

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