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Consider for a moment what your kitchen might look like if its design revolved around physical and mental wellness. It might have more windows to let in natural light. Maybe the layout would provide multiple workstations for food prep. Food storage space would allow for more fresh options and fewer processed items.

The idea of designing a kitchen that supports well-being in today’s stressful climate is not only encouraged by the medical community, it is backed by science, making designers a critical part of the push for a healthier world, as explained in the article Designing for Well-Being, by Linda Kafka, co-founder of Science in Design Summit. As it relates to mental health, scientific studies show that designs that focus on nature, beauty, and the overall aesthetic experience provide actual physical benefits to adults and children alike.

Bringing the natural and beautiful into your kitchen

Mike Peterson, president of Visionary Design Marketing, states that science has documented how exposure to nature and beauty improves human health. In his Science in Design Summit presentation, he explains how designers are turning to Biophilia – the love of nature – as a tool to improve health by incorporating key elements, such as openness, patterns and colors, and views and greenery, in the places where people spend the most time. Focusing on the kitchen, the center of the home both for gathering and for nourishment, is a logical starting point.

The expert designers at Somrak Kitchens are pleased to work with our clients to provide a kitchen that flows and appliances that make preparing healthy meals easy. Whether you are remodeling or planning to build a new home, consider the following:

  • Kitchens that are open and easy to work in – Your central hub can have large windows that provide views of the outdoors and lots of natural light. A central countertop from Cambria provides easy access workstations with a non-porous surface engineered from pure natural quartz stone that is safe to work on, easy to clean, and beautifully patterned with natural lines and colors.
  • Kitchens with tools that maximize healthy prep and cooking – Cooking with more fresh and organic foods can be a challenge when it comes to storage. Consider dedicating space for a sealing drawer, a specialized drawer unit that provides a vacuum seal for protein and vegetables so your food stays fresh longer. Your design also should include a range, oven, and hood that fit your cooking style to ensure you can serve great meals while keeping your kitchen fresh and well ventilated. Somrak’s convection steam oven can take you a step further, with features that allow you to cook faster and at a lower temperature so you retain moisture and vitamins in all the foods you serve. Reheating with steam also means leftovers are rarely thrown away.
  • Kitchens that allow you to provide safe drinking water – There is nothing better than fresh, safe drinking water right from your tap. With Somrak, your Everpure water filtration system by Pentair is installed under your kitchen sink so your drinking and cooking water is always clean and great tasting, with no plastic bottles.
  • Kitchens that support beauty and the earth – Somrak’s cabinet options provide the aesthetic anchor to your kitchen design with natural woods that bring the outdoors inside and finishes that not only enhance the patterns and flow of your kitchen, they support the calm, stress-free environment you seek for your family. The Somrak cabinet manufacturers are also committed to a fully sustainable production process, from using regenerated and recycled wood and materials to eliminating toxic adhesives.

Contact Somrak Kitchens today to learn more about how our experts can help you design a kitchen that enhances your family’s health and wellness.

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