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You can clean your kitchen daily, but cleaning the air after a day of cooking is the job of your range hood. A quality range hood properly fitted for your range or cooktop is an essential part of your kitchen equipment, providing benefits that protect your home and your health.

At Somrak Kitchens, our team makes ventilation a priority in your kitchen remodel, so that your range hood becomes a key part of your kitchen décor while doing its job of improving your kitchen air quality.

Why is kitchen ventilation important?

Your normal, everyday cooking produces gases and particulate matter that can be irritating to the eyes and throat, cause breathing difficulty for some, and, in some cases, can be downright dangerous for you and family members. Heat, moisture, and grease can also damage cabinets and surfaces. By installing and using a quality range hood whenever you cook, you:

  • Remove gases and pollutants that cause irritation, trigger asthma, and even lead to bronchiole illnesses.
  • Make your kitchen more comfortable by reducing buildup of heat and steam.
  • Protect cabinets and other surfaces from excessive moisture and greasy build up that will cling to wall surfaces and may become rancid over time.
  • Remove unpleasant odors that can linger hours after cooking.
  • Prevent accidental smoke alarms due to smoke from high heat cooking.

If you have ever cooked without ventilation, especially with greasier foods, you already know what a difference a range hood makes in the quality of your kitchen experience. The key is getting the right size, style, and power level for your application.

Choose high-end ventilation for your kitchen remodel

At Somrak Kitchens, our designers provide ventilation options for indoor and outdoor kitchens in styles that include wall-mounted, under-cabinet, and island. Keep the following in mind as you consider the ventilation system that is best for you.

  • Your indoor range hood should be 6 inches wider than your cooktop, while your outdoor range hood should be 6 to 12 inches wider depending on your outdoor cooking appliance and your cooking habits.
  • Range hoods that vent out through ductwork in the wall or through the roof are always best for removing smoke, grease, and particulates.
  • In cases where venting out is not possible, a ductless range hood operates by pulling air through a charcoal filter and recirculating it back into your home. A high-quality filter is a must if you cook often and with high heat.
  • Range hood power is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). While a minimum guideline is 100 CFM for every 12 inches of range width, you should consider getting a more powerful range hood if you tend to cook greasy foods, you have ceilings above 8 feet, you use a commercial style range with high BTU output burners, and for outdoor kitchen applications.
  • Using the exhaust fan every time you cook – remember to turn the fan on a minute prior to cooking – ensures you get all air cleaning benefits from your range hood. A high-quality ventilation system allows you to use high speed settings to maximize air flow with minimal noise.

Your range hood can be a beautiful addition to your kitchen remodel and include the unique features that fit your cooking habits and lifestyle. The expert team at Somrak is ready to help you choose the range hood that enhances your kitchen remodel and provides the ventilation you need to protect your health and your investment. Call today for an appointment!

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