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Interest in creative ways to incorporate lighting in kitchen and cabinet design has continued to grow over the last several years so that now it is one of the biggest interior design trends, especially among high-end kitchen cabinets. With so many options available in cabinet design and the ability to make lighting units nearly invisible, it’s no wonder this upgrade is in such great demand.

Cabinet lighting is not new – homeowners appreciate the ability to light up a cabinet much like a refrigerator so that items in the back are easier to locate. Today’s lighting options, however, provide everything from targeted lighting inside a cabinet or on a shelf to ambiance lighting above, below, and within cabinets made possible with LED strips and glass doors.

High-end cabinet manufacturers are offering integrating lighting in every aspect of kitchen design. Consider the following:

  • LED strips and lighting units are fully integrated in the construction of the cabinet or drawer so they are not visible and do not take up storage space.
  • Interior lighting in a cabinet or drawer can be activated only when you open the unit using contact switches or sensors.
  • Integrate cabinet lighting in your overall kitchen lighting scheme with warm or cool ambient lighting inside glass-fronted cabinets.
  • Wash the front of a set of cabinets or your kitchen island or light open shelving with LED strips or inset lights concealed at cabinet or counter edges.
  • Feature decorative items on your counter or illuminate prep space with under-cabinet lighting that eliminates shadows.
  • Create mood in your kitchen with above-cabinet lights that wash up toward soffits and ceiling.

Planning and designing luxury kitchens today includes a lighting plan throughout, including cabinetry. This means homeowners can expect high-end cabinetry with fully integrated lighting options that need no retrofitting. LED technology means long-lasting, energy efficient lighting that enhances your kitchen.

Choose integrated lighting for your drawers, wall or base cabinets, under or above cabinets, island, and countertop. Ask our Somrak Kitchens experienced designers about including lighting in your new kitchen or bath through our high-end custom cabinet manufacturers. Call today!

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