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Modern art, since its inception in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, has always been intriguing in its ability to create mystery through its simplicity. Even today, modern artwork is impacted by this experimental approach, creating unique designs that are at once thought-provoking and calming.

Homeowners today are excited to bring this art form into their living spaces with carefully designed remodels that incorporate modern art characteristics into every part of the home. These characteristics include using vibrant colors, geometric shapes and expressive forms, and unique designs that are unexpected and pleasing.

The kitchen is a top choice for a remodel that creates a gallery of modern art, with cabinets that feature bold geometric shapes, clean lines with unexpected details, and bright colors and glossy finishes that emphasize luxury. Discerning homeowners are turning to custom crafters who design and build cabinets to their specifications, with a nod to the simple, abstract, and nontraditional trends that have driven the modern art movement.

The benefits of modern kitchen cabinets go well beyond their artistic contribution to luxury homes. With demands continuing for bright and spacious kitchens, modern cabinets are on trend, with vibrant colors, glossy finishes, and smooth, slim doors and shelving. Elimination of hardware maintains the minimalist feel of modern art and architecture.

For the functional kitchen

Often described as sleek and stylish, modern cabinets offer other benefits:

  • Storage – Modern kitchen cabinet designs tend to prioritize the latest in storage options, including hidden drawers, built-in and sliding shelving, stowed appliances, and adjustable dividers, that make every aspect of available cabinet space functional.
  • Cleaning – Smooth matte and high gloss finishes that define the modern cabinet style are easy to clean and extremely durable, with surfaces that are resistant to heat and moisture and repel greasy buildup inside and out.
  • Timeless beauty – Clean lines and simple shapes allow modern cabinets to blend in or stand out, easily adding the finishing touch to an updated kitchen design.

Your art gallery

Your home should reflect your taste and kitchen cabinets provide a wonderful canvas, with options ranging from metal framing to glass fronts to complete wood construction, matte finishes to high gloss lacquered finishes, light stains to vibrant colors. You choose the details that make your kitchen cabinets your unique work of art.

For the ultimate high-end remodel that features the latest modern cabinet designs, contact our team of professional designers at Somrak Kitchens. We are ready to work with you today!

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