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What do you think of when you hear steam oven?  Health food?  Steamed Vegetables?  What if I told you that the new Convection Steam Ovens can make anything from fall off the bone ribs with a crispy crust to your favorite French bread? And what if I told you that last night’s leftovers heated in this oven could taste just as delicious as when you first ate it? All this is possible with the Convection Steam Oven.

While the word steam is usually associated with vegetables or fish it is used in so many restaurants and bakeries I guarantee you have eaten lots of different foods prepared this way… you just didn’t know it! Steam combined with a convection oven allows you to cook food much faster and at a lower temperature which is great for retaining moisture as well as up to 22% more vitamins in food.  You also have the flexibility to turn off the steam function and use it as a regular oven.

One of the first things people say when they look at a steam oven is “It is so small.” It may look small, and the size can fluctuate a little based on the manufacturer, but the 3 rack system allows you to cook multiple dishes at once & best of all, no flavor transfer! You can cook fish on one rack, rice and veggies on another, and a cake on another rack and your cake won’t taste like fish!

This oven does more than steam!  Reheat is one of our favorite cooking modes.  Essentially this mode eliminates the need for a microwave and it reheats leftovers using steam (if desired) so that they taste just like they did the first time.  You can also proof bread, sanitize jars or bottles, dehydrate, roast, keep food warm, or just bake with no steam at all.

When a client visits our showroom we always talk about the benefits of the convection steam oven, but honestly once someone sees it in action the product sells itself.  That is why we have a working convection steam oven in our showroom and we also can arrange for our clients to attend a class to learn how to use this versatile oven. Call us at 216-464-6500 or stop in today to see how this oven can turn your new kitchen into a dream kitchen!


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