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Top choices for style, material, and overall space planning in kitchen remodels continue to evolve as homeowners look for warmth along with maximum flexibility in one of their most-used rooms. Lifestyles and priorities among families over the next couple of years are expected to create a need for space that accommodates much more than food prep, cooking, and dining.

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, consumers today require space that will adjust to a wide range of uses throughout the day, providing convenience, comfort, and style. The choices homeowners make for colors, textures and layout will directly reflect those lifestyle choices and needs.


Kitchen trends

From changing a wall or cabinet color to a full remodel, homeowners are focused on making kitchen space work for them without sacrificing style. Watch for the following: 

  • Removing walls to enlarge kitchen space
  • Larger islands that provide space for multiple uses, from food prep to working and learning areas
  • Built-in partitions and pocket doors that allow for privacy when needed
  • Willingness to splurge on quartz or granite countertops that add color and texture
  • Organic feel using natural and/or recycled materials, from exposed beams to butcher block to reclaimed tables
  • Bold pops of color on walls, cabinets, or appliances that enhance mood and reflect style
  • Statement backsplashes
  • Large doors that allow indoor and outdoor areas to flow together

Of most importance to homeowners and families is a kitchen that works as hard as they do. A functional space that invites everything from socializing to office conferences to family meals is key. High-end appliances along with finishes that evoke a stylish well-worn feel that encourage family and friends to cook together fit the bill for a hard-working kitchen.

High-end cabinetry that brings color, dimension, unique designs, or all of the above, also is making the list of must-haves for kitchen remodels, along with taking cabinets up to the ceiling for added storage. While white continues to be popular, many homeowners still prefer the warmth that comes with bringing colors and textures inspired by nature into their kitchens. Various shades of green are popping up more frequently and may prove to be the upcoming trend for cabinet color.

Always a focal point for the family, kitchens will continue to be the primary location for family members to feel comfortable, share stories, find inspiration, and refuel for the day, week, or month in this ever-changing world.

The Somrak design team has everything you need to create a kitchen that works hard for your family. Call today for a consultation.

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