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The idea of sustainability and protecting the environment has permeated every aspect of how we live and work today. Manufacturing is a critical part of this effort and that includes furniture, specifically cabinetry. At Somrak Kitchens, the manufacturers of our choice in kitchen cabinetry are committed to the effort to reduce their environmental impact.

To truly be environmentally responsible means more than simply using recycled materials. For these manufacturers, the effort encompasses the entire process of cabinet making, from concept to assembly and beyond. This includes:

  • Creating a product that is simple, durable, and designed to last
  • Using materials that are recyclable and easily repurposed
  • Ensuring wood is sourced from a forester with a strong regeneration program
  • Eliminating use of toxic adhesives and finishes
  • Encouraging a short supply chain – buying local — thereby using less energy to acquire supplies

Somrak Kitchen’s cabinet makers have zeroed in on the standards set by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) Environmental Stewardship Program, including a focus on air quality, resource management of product and process, environmental stewardship, and community relations. With the knowledge that sustainability is among the top five reasons a person chooses a cabinet manufacturer, this effort is a key priority and clearly important to everyone involved.

The KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program provides for certification that since 2006 has been the key guide for homeowners who value the opportunity to work with manufacturers who use sustainable methods. Those companies that have acquired certification have met the ESP standards in pollution prevention, resource sustainability, waste minimization, environmental stewardship, and community relations. Certification criteria and awards are reviewed annually to reflect the most recent findings in the effort to protect the environment.

Somrak Kitchens is pleased to work with cabinet manufacturers who continue to reflect the tenets of ESP certification and environmental responsibility. We celebrate the following statements from our quality cabinet makers:

  • Rutt Handcrafted Cabinetry – “In looking to the future, Rutt is committed to recertify annually as the program adopts new industry standards and practices.”
  • Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry – “We started in 1942 as a family-owned business. We’re still family owned, hands-on and in line with what customers are looking for.”
  • KitchenCraft Cabinetry – “Offering the world’s most beautiful cabinetry at a minimum impact, we keep our process simple, fine-tuning our operations and products to be as efficient as possible.”
  • Plato Woodwork – “Since 1893, Plato Woodwork has established a legacy of building quality cabinetry to create functional and beautiful spaces. We are proud to build our products in the USA and are committed to environmentally sound practices for the benefit of our employees and customers.”
  • Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry – “At DeSavino & Sons, we believe that outdoor furniture and features should match their settings without harming them. Our cabinets and drawers are not only naturally beautiful, but they are also naturally good for the earth.”

For more information about quality kitchen cabinets from Somrak as well as the best in countertops and appliances, contact our team of professionals today.

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